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Star Wars vs Star Trek

From the title of this blog post I bet some of you are thinking I’m about to re-hash the age old debate which is better or even give you my opinion on why I like one over the other. Those … Continue reading

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Gasparilla 2012 – The Invasion

So before we knew it, it was time again for Jose Gaspar’s ghost to take hold of the fine young (and not so young) men and women of Tampa Bay and put the spirit of drunken bead wearing craziness to … Continue reading

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I think about the boy you know, The one who didn’t meet you. The fated soul, alone from love, Whose smiles will never great you. I think about his days ahead, When chance was never taken. The goodnight kisses, the … Continue reading

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Travel Tip #1412: The Weight of Travel

So right before we headed down to Jamaica for our wedding day we bought this piece of luggage from Macy’s Delsey Suitcase, 25″ Helium Fusion Lite 2.0 Expandable Rolling Upright. Unfortunately the scale never worked and in our rush to … Continue reading

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Jamaica Adventure 111013: Half Moon Beach/ Biggas

Today for our greatest feat we decided to scooter it all the way to Half Moon Beach. It will be the farthest we’ve gone on scooters outside of Negril. Aren’t we living on the edge. OH yeah. But with me … Continue reading

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1 Year Anniversary – Catcha Falling Star

After spending the first few day in Jamaica in Ochi (Ocho Rios), its good to be in Negril. Its like our home away from home. We had a good time in Ochi, but we feel like we have the best … Continue reading

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Hemingway’s Retreat – restaurant & bar.

Lunch instead of my two o’clock workout … Shauna was looking for a little quick sea food lunch but seeing as we didn’t find it right here on St. Armand circle we went with our first choice of restaurants.

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WICKED! – My Night at the Theater

If you’re using the slang, then yes WICKED is exactly what Wicked is. And if you don’t believe me then get off you arse and buy yourself a ticket to Wicked and see for yourself.

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Well its been a bit of drought

So it seems I’ve let my personal design goals get trumped by work and freelance. Or as always just about anything else that exists in my world that comes up. You ever get that feeling that you have so many … Continue reading

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