Autumn Leaves

I remember autumn leaves falling
I remember time calling
Your kiss goodbye
And timeless tears in my eyes

I remember youthful bliss
In a time when fun was paramount
Skinned knee, bruised ego
And the strength of friends with out a doubt
The beckoning of a mother call
The smell of a father cologne
I remember trees dying and autumn leaves falling

The winter chill, the morning dew
And when life sprang a new
The summer heat, the bright full moon
All flash in my mind, here again
Gone to soon
But I remember harvest days and
Autumn leaves falling

I remember summer love
And the springs dawning day
I remember heated passions growing strong,
along the way

Dinner on the table, half days at school
Life at the lake, or summers in the pool
Indian moons, summer solstice and
Autumn leaves falling

I remember love of life
When life had no stress
I remember a lovely girl
Walk to me in a summer dress

Quiet days, falling rain
Mothers love to ease the pain
Thunder storms, summer break
Mothers pies, freshly baked
I remember fire flies and counting stars
Seeing neighbors, knowing who they are
Distant calls of future past
And falling grains of an hour glass

I remember my thoughts were clear
Of things I held so dear
But now I sit and contemplate
With furrowed brow, choosing fate

And I remember love , and this kiss goodbye
Full moons and troubled skies
My artists heart and Poets eye
Broken dreams and rainbows die
But through it all so vividly calling
Are the autumn leaves so gently falling.

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