Star Wars vs Star Trek

January 18th, 2014

From the title of this blog post I bet some of you are thinking I'm about to re-hash the age old debate which is better or even give you my opinion on why I like one over the other. Those of us out there who are Sci-Fi lovers know exactly why they may like one over the other or even why though they like both may think one is better than the other; so no need to dip my foot in that pool. I want to address something that is like nails on a chalk board to me. The conversation goes some thing like this: You: " You going to see he new Star Wars film this weekend, the one with that Quinto dude?" Me: "You mean[...]

Gasparilla 2012 - The Invasion

January 30th, 2012

So before we knew it, it was time again for Jose Gaspar's ghost to take hold of the fine young (and not so young) men and women of Tampa Bay and put the spirit of drunken bead wearing craziness to the test. Every year about this time we get ready for the pirate invasion and the sounds of canons shooting around the downtown streets of tampa. Funny enough I took that day off so I missed the beginning of the invasion, what probably scares the crap out of anyone not expecting the loud explosions roaming the streets of downtown TPA. The smell of rum, gun powder and cheap plastic beads is in the air. My wonderful wife and I gathered up our best beadery and skulls and[...]

Travel Tip #1412: The Weight of Travel

January 4th, 2012

So right before we headed down to Jamaica for our wedding day we bought this piece of luggage from Macy's Delsey Suitcase, 25" Helium Fusion Lite 2.0 Expandable Rolling Upright. Unfortunately the scale never worked and in our rush to get things all planned and done we never brought it back. "SO" you say… [wp_cart:MyWidget:price:1.25:end] A good idea for traveling is to invest in one of these traveling luggage scales. I personally have this one My Luggage Scale, but not for any particular reason but that I saw it on one of the 3 Bargain sites I visit almost daily: [wpsc_products product_id='270'] They really come in handy especially because you can bring them with you on the trip for when you buy to much crap and need[...]

Number Ones - Janet Jackson at the Straz

December 15th, 2011

I think there's been no bigger artist that I have loved for years as an actress, a singer/song writer and as a person as much as I have loved Janet Jackson. I can even say I've loved her as a singer more than her brother (RIP). Well in Sept. when we (my better half) heard she was coming; well I've never seen so you know we had to be there. So I started this post the week after we saw Janet and didn't get that far, so here is me continuing. I don't feel any female singer has given me so many songs to love, almost every album brings up memories of a different time in my life. I remember growing up and just about to finish 8th[...]

Jamaica Adventure 111013: Half Moon Beach/ Biggas

October 17th, 2011

Today for our greatest feat we decided to scooter it all the way to Half Moon Beach. It will be the farthest we've gone on scooters outside of Negril. Aren't we living on the edge. OH yeah. But with me by my wife's side we can do anything. The day started with breakfast at Xtabi. You've heard me say it before and I'll say it again the best french toast ever. We've been having breakfast at Xtabi together since we've come down here together. Vincent drove up in his boat to wave hi and I tried to do a U-stream web cast from our table. After that we headed back to Catcha where we got suited up for a 20 km trip to HMB on the[...]

1 Year Anniversary - Catcha Falling Star

October 12th, 2011

After spending the first few day in Jamaica in Ochi (Ocho Rios), its good to be in Negril. Its like our home away from home. We had a good time in Ochi, but we feel like we have the best time in Negril. Its good to be home 10-11-2011 So yesterday was our anniversary, and I surprised my wonderful wife with our wedding photographer and a massage. I re-hired Ryan Lue Clarke to take anniversary pictures on Monday and Today. She was surprised and was grateful for the chance to get photos at our the place we were suppose to get photos at. Let me tell you one thing I love my wife with all my heart and I'm so glad we are here together. She got a[...]

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