Digital ATC – May ’09

What is an Digital ATC you ask? Well to understand that you must know what and ATC is in the first place.

An Artist Trading Card (or ATC) is a miniature works of art created at 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, about the same size as baseball cards. The idea originated in Zurich, Switzerland in 1996 by M. Vänçi Stirnemann. Most of the cards are hand designed and created, however being a digital artists most of mine have been developed on the computer. With that I also have a love of tactile art so I have and will create a portion of my Digi ATC’s by hand.My attempt is to create and inspire others (as a friend of mine has inspired me) to create miniature works of art. I will create 3 a month for as long as I feel I can and place them here in a post for all to see. I would gladly trade these pieces with fellow designers or individuals by email. In part its my small way of getting me back on track to having an art show before I’m forty.

This months set of 3 have been inspired by previous works of art that I have created digitally. A hand design has been added to enhance the works. If you see one you like it I would gladly send a Hi-Res jpg to you but usually I wont put out more than 3 copies of each.



Thanks to the love of my life Shauna, to you all and to CW for getting me started.

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