Gasparilla 2012 – The Invasion

So before we knew it, it was time again for Jose Gaspar’s ghost to take hold of the fine young (and not so young) men and women of Tampa Bay and put the spirit of drunken bead wearing craziness to the test.

Every year about this time we get ready for the pirate invasion and the sounds of canons shooting around the downtown streets of tampa. Funny enough I took that day off so I missed the beginning of the invasion, what probably scares the crap out of anyone not expecting the loud explosions roaming the streets of downtown TPA. The smell of rum, gun powder and cheap plastic beads is in the air.

My wonderful wife and I gathered up our best beadery and skulls and set forth to our friend Amanda’s house. Here we would begin the journey of drunkenness and fun. For the record if you live where Amanda lives don’t expect to get any visitors cause you can’t even get into the place. Its like Fort Knox. After a false start which almost had me climbing the walls to get in a window and the minor misplacement of my wife (her fault not mine) we entered the grand castle (I say that because all the place needed was a moat to be impenetrable) of Amanda’s apartment and began to drink.

Jello shots were a plenty but made in very tall bathroom cups (as I like to call them). So dexterously using your tongue to remove the jello was something only Gene Simmons could probably handle. With the aid of a toothpick we plundered the shots, sometimes 2 at once.

With a healthy buzz on we ventured to two quick stops before our final destination of the day the Gaspar – T. First our parking spot where we needed to acquire some ocular protection for Scuba Steve, then a quick stop at Fergus’ to replenish our libation and say hello to old friends not forgotten.

I’d like to say that once we got to the Gaspar-T I remember every single detail but lets be realistic I don’t. What transpired next is a blur of drinking, dancing, eating and just plane ole fun. As you can tell by the Photos crazy was in top demand. To my friends and fellow party goers thanks for one more fun time with Jose Gaspar.

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There was 2 differences this year as opposed to years past.
1) I didn’t once see the parade. I got my fair share of beads from the party people on the truck.

2) I could’ve done without the spill in the middle of the street off Azeele. I say thank you to my lovely wife for remembering where the car was. Thats why she had the keys in the first place.


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