Jamaica Adventure 111013: Half Moon Beach/ Biggas

Today for our greatest feat we decided to scooter it all the way to Half Moon Beach. It will be the farthest we’ve gone on scooters outside of Negril. Aren’t we living on the edge. OH yeah. But with me by my wife’s side we can do anything.

The day started with breakfast at Xtabi. You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again the best french toast ever. We’ve been having breakfast at Xtabi together since we’ve come down here together. Vincent drove up in his boat to wave hi and I tried to do a U-stream web cast from our table. After that we headed back to Catcha where we got suited up for a 20 km trip to HMB on the scoots.

Half Moon Beach Park is a scenic 15 – 20 minute drive along to and from Negril. The beach is on the historic Abington Plantation and is breathtaking. Along the water their are several private islands to explore.

We revved up the scooters put on our action wear (our goofy but necessary helmets) and headed down One Love Drive. Staying at Catcha Falling Star we are now the furthest up the cliffs we’ve ever stayed. Because of this we get to past old haunts like Tensing Pen (our Honeymoon spot), Negril Escape (our wedding spot), Rock House and Xtabi (our first lodging together in JA). The cliff whips and turns down the road along these beautiful breathtaking human habitats. The sharp curve on the road right around 3 Dives (given its name as Rob puts because you can dive from 3 places on the cliff and not die, then we both added well not readily die) and Xtabi always makes me slow but once we past Xtabi I consider this the quick rip. Reason why is some quick turns and strait shot and we are at the circle which most know denotes the end of the cliffs.

Once on Norman Manley Blvd we past the local craft market and its a strait shot down the beach. The scooters can’t get to revved up because the most traffic is here. Whether its human or vehicle traffic it slows us up. We break free of the hubbub of the people and cars and careen past the stretch of properties most people know as the AI beaches, AI standing for All Inclusive.

On a side note I have nothing against AI’s but on the cliffs or on the beaches of Negril I’d rather stay at a non AI property.

Its a mad dash race scooter a scooter (like mano a mano which is a spanish term in bullfighting originally meaning hand to hand not man to man), well actually its not because we take driving scooter in JA very seriously. We past both a sign letting you know you are leaving Negril and soon after the Negril.com sign saying Thank you for , what I can only assume is visiting because its having a war with some flora that is covering the right side of the sign.

Todays quest is to see Rhodes Hall Plantation, HMB and get some food from Biggas. I’ll key you in that 2 out 3 ain’t bad. The ride was mostly uneventful so we pushed on to RHP and HMB, but we passed up Rhodes Hall Plantation and settle into Half Moon Beach. Quaint and Quiet is hardly the proper explanation for the gorgeous spot. We snaked down the dirt road towards the beach, hopped of the scooters and checked in at the bar for a Ting and a Red Stripe. The wonderful woman behind the bar gave us the lay of the land and off to the beach we went. My beloved Shauna (or her new name Hot Lips, explanation coming) informs that the Wild thing Catamaran brings their patrons here for a day trip and I can see why. Drinks are reasonable scenery is nice and water is quiet and cool.

Between the snorkeling and laying out (cause you know I need a tan) we found time to hug in the water (something I really love doing) and get all cuddly. Frankly I think my wife just tolerates me when I want to do that :).

We spent about 2 hours soaking up the environment, the water, the sun (so much so the mrs is a little burned) and each other. Well Our tummies were in need of some food so Biggas to the rescue.

Assuming we knew where Biggas was we hopped on the scooters and raced off in search of food. Frankly I don’t know how Biggas gets business cause there is exactly 0 signs saying “here is Biggas come get some Chicken”. Fortunately I have a great sherpa who is knowledgable and sexy (but don’t tell my wife). Shauna, got us to Biggas with out a hassle and before we knew it we had jerk chicken to go. The rotund man who I can only assume is Bigga chops up some chicken for us slaps on some sauce and beckons us to taste. I mean it would be a shame if we got home and hated it. A quick taste, 800 J and a reminder why jerk chicken is hot and we’re off (The Burning Lips is why we are now calling Shauna Hot Lips, I call her that for another reason.

Chicken in hand we head back to home base, stopping along the way to catch pictures of billboards, signs and scenery we like. The whole time thinking can’t wait to eat that chicken. Fast forwarding a head since nothing monumental happened on the way back we reached home base and scarfed down some delicious food.

I wish every day was like this. Sun, Fun, Good Food and Hot Beautiful Company. YAY. Look forward to another stellar adventure and maybe even a part demux to this since it was a birthday night.

– RAS –

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