Number Ones – Janet Jackson at the Straz

I think there’s been no bigger artist that I have loved for years as an actress, a singer/song writer and as a person as much as I have loved Janet Jackson. I can even say I’ve loved her as a singer more than her brother (RIP). Well in Sept. when we (my better half) heard she was coming; well I’ve never seen so you know we had to be there.

So I started this post the week after we saw Janet and didn’t get that far, so here is me continuing.

I don’t feel any female singer has given me so many songs to love, almost every album brings up memories of a different time in my life.

I remember growing up and just about to finish 8th grade when Janet released CONTROL. The thing with Janet at the time is I remembered her more from her time on “Good Times” and “Different Strokes” before she blasted out her 3rd studio album. But songs like Nasty and What have you done for me lately? remind me of times spent with my big sister and her new CD player.

By the time I was about to graduate High School Janet released Rhythm Nation 1814 ( side note the 1814 comes from the fact that the R (in Rhythm) is the 18th letter of the alphabet and N (in Nation) is the 14th, also there is something to do with a correlation with the National Anthem writing year For our senior year we had the privilege of doing a Christmas show for the school. One of the numbers we did (and by we I don’t me mean me, I was the AV geek running lights) was RN1814’s Rhythm Nation. Some of the girls re-did Janet’s dance number it was hot. Two of my favorite RN1814 songs:



Then came Janet for me it was the album that had more songs that I loved than any other. By the time she released this her fifth album you could see she was (and will be a) celebrated hit. Around this time I was in the beginning of my Naval career and her songs made me miss home as much as they made me love my new life. Hell and who could forget that awesome cover. Below is one of my favorite songs of the album


Finally, I have to admit after Janet  I didn’t buy anymore Janet albums but I loved everything the radio played and I love as her career grew stronger and stronger. Then her and her brother did one of my all time favorite songs Scream. It will always be one of my greatest Micheal and Janet songs.

All that to say that the Number Ones concert was one of the best concerts I have ever seen and I’m glad I got to see it with my lovely wife and my work wife. And I GOT A SHIRT YAY!

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