It’s funny how I started writing. I’ve always had story ideas or just lyrical ideas in my head but never had a cause to write them down. In school I was always drawing caricatures and we had an art magazine that I wished my work to be in. Alas my Freshman English teacher [the editor of the art magazine] passed over a lot of my art. So frustrated by this I decided to write poetry. He finally put in one of my submitted poems and I’ve been writing since then. At first I wrote about this and that; small things of no real consequence However as life would have it, things good and bad happened and gave me things to write about.

At first it was about life in general, you know teenage years give you a lot of angst to fuel your fire. Then about loss both mine and others. I wrote poems under different names to give voice to my different personalities. I still have the original marble notebook I wrote in. Then came love, if I had a dime for every damn love poem I wrote, whether it be about losing it, longing for it or being in it  I’d be rich. I’d like to think I have some good poems, maybe even some great ones, but whether they be silly lyrical rhymes for the sake of rhyming or deep soul bearing words I’ve just tried to get whats in my head out so I hope you like them.

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