Star Wars vs Star Trek

From the title of this blog post I bet some of you are thinking I’m about to re-hash the age old debate which is better or even give you my opinion on why I like one over the other. Those of us out there who are Sci-Fi lovers know exactly why they may like one over the other or even why though they like both may think one is better than the other; so no need to dip my foot in that pool. I want to address something that is like nails on a chalk board to me. The conversation goes some thing like this:

You: ” You going to see he new Star Wars film this weekend, the one with that Quinto dude?”
Me: “You mean Star Trek”
You: “Yeah Star Trek/Star Wars what’s the difference.”
Someone Somewhere in the Peanut Gallery (You know who you are): “Nothing at all they’re the Same”
Me: [Holding back the Aneurysm pressing against my cerebral cortex] “No they are not, they are very different.”
You & Peanut Gallery: [dismissively] “Whatever!”

Really, Whatever. Now I know there are those of you who out of some need to watch the Nerd blow a gasket find this to be humorous. Lets watch as he tries to explain the difference between Aliens in space and Aliens in space, that
A) I frankly don’t care about, and
2) Aren’t Real

The problem with this comment that irks me to no end is the fact that they are vastly different sci-fi universes and as a sci fi lover I have every right to correct you if you get it wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me addressing that they are different and your “scoff” or whatever comment is uncalled for. Its just the same as if I’m talking to a Reality TV lover and I said “You see what happened to Phil Robertson on that Kardashian Show” and they responded “That’s Duck Dynasty” and I answered with “Whatever they’re all the same”.

But they aren’t ones a show about hill billy idiots with money I will never see in my life time and the other is about plastic LA idiots with money I’ll never see in my life time. Thing is they are different none the less.

Not even looking at the specifics of those 2 Sci-Fi franchises, such as Lucas created SW, Roddenberry created ST, characters, aliens, space ships, warp speed, hyperspace, storyline and overall look and feel; the differences are there at a general level. Simply Star Trek takes place in what would be the future of the what we know as reality. You know Earth and such. Star Wars happens in a Galaxy FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR away. That should be enough to warrant your average non fan from confusing the 2 or even letting the words “Whatever” leave there mouth when corrected.


I guess all I’m saying after all that is that if you’re a sports fan and someone confuses a touchdown with a home run, or you’re a Reggae fan and someone confuses Sean Paul with Ziggy Marley and you correct only to be replied to with a “Whatever, they are the same thing” you have every right to get that Aneurysm eye twitch. More importantly if you reply with “No they are not” and promptly explain that though both are sports terms or that both are reggae artists by no means are they remotely similar even in general sense, you shouldn’t be met with staunch criticism and attitude. Equally just because I’m a Fan Boy and I know the difference between James Tiberius Kirk and Luke Skywalker, nor should I.

So the next time you horrendously say something like Kirk pilots the Millennium Falcon and a nice fan boy or girl corrects you, just be happy they didn’t set their phaser on incinerate and melt you where you stand.
Oh Yeah and just say Thank You for the education.

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