To my son on his final birthday

Go now noble warrior Your war has ended, your dawn has come Go now into peace, your sleep A flower I give as I stand here now Over your grave son.

40 years you senior am I
Sadness, what gods allow
A man to bury his offspring, his blood
Anger, my life I would give if only he could live again
What deals would give him life again
Contentment, at least your suffering is over, a better place, I hope you’re in

Go now noble warrior
Into the eternal darkness of sleep
I hope you find new worlds to conquer
New loves to embrace, as I stand
here over your grave ,son I cry

35 years your senior she is,
your mother that is
she hasn’t moved except to shed
a tear since you left
The dreams she wishes you completed before you were gone those hopes and dreams to carry you on the loves you had she hopes were good and did all the things you said you would she’ll stop the tears and her life will go on but forget she wont, that your dead and gone

Go now noble warrior
Into the dark vast slumber, into the Elysian fields
Forget us here who sit and weep
To walk away is hard I try
As I stand here over your grave son, goodbye

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