Travel Tip #1412: The Weight of Travel

So right before we headed down to Jamaica for our wedding day we bought this piece of luggage from Macy’s Delsey Suitcase, 25″ Helium Fusion Lite 2.0 Expandable Rolling Upright. Unfortunately the scale never worked and in our rush to get things all planned and done we never brought it back. “SO” you say…


A good idea for traveling is to invest in one of these traveling luggage scales. I personally have this one My Luggage Scale, but not for any particular reason but that I saw it on one of the 3 Bargain sites I visit almost daily:

[wpsc_products product_id=’270′]

They really come in handy especially because you can bring them with you on the trip for when you buy to much crap and need to know how to re arrange your stuff. On the last 2 trips I’ve taken with my beloved wife we have used this scale and it has been very beneficial. The large luggage with the over weight indicator is still a sore subject with us (it was a pricey buy) but this scale is better because it can tell you exactly what the weight is in case you need yo shuffle things around between you and your traveling party. With the price of airlines travel including all the extra fee’s they like to throw at you its a nice ting to have.

I don’t endorse any of the products above except to say that the scale I bought was in expensive (probably refurb) and I got more than my moneys worth.

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