Well its been a bit of drought

So it seems I’ve let my personal design goals get trumped by work and freelance. Or as always just about anything else that exists in my world that comes up. You ever get that feeling that you have so many design and art ideas in your head and no place for them to go. Its almost better to let them sit there and get cobwebs on them. Seem I’ve allowed my Monthly Artists trading cards to fall to the wayside. Don’t get me wrong I have done some great web design for clients and so have satiated my design hunger some what but I don think enough. There is something to be said for designing for the “inner you”.

So where am I going with this, simple I have to catch up. So I have 15 days roughly to stay on track with 0909 ATC’s but to catch up I need to produce 07 and 08 so here they are my 2009 July and August ATC’s. A little about them:

Well as you can tell the July ones are definitely patriotic in there theme. For those of you who don’t know I had the privilege of serving my country. As much as I gave I feel I got back 10 fold. I was once asked why I joined, simply put I wanted to be a part of something. Yeah there was a GI bill and pay and travel, but there was also Pride, Structure and understanding. An understanding that I can put one foot in front of me and overcome a lot of what life has to put in front of me. I take my hat of to those who serve and those who served with me. Happy Birthday America (BELATED as it may be).




As for the 08 Ones I wanted to dedicate that to another great time in my life. Another group I belong to. My 0809 ATC’s are dedicated to Burning Man but more importantly YES PLEASE my camp and BM family. Love you guys hope everyone that went to Bm had fun and learned a bit more about themselves.


I’m Out

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