WICKED! – My Night at the Theater

If you’re using the slang, then yes WICKED is exactly what Wicked is. And if you don’t believe me then get off you arse and buy yourself a ticket to Wicked and see for yourself.

Friday, February 5th my wonderful fiancé and I took a trip to the theater. To be specific the David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts, to be even more precise Carol Morsani Hall. But wait thats not how the night started.

Lets travel months back in time so you can understand why this Night at the Theater was special. My wonderful and beautiful fiancé bought raffle tickets for the American Heart Association Heart Walk raffle they where having at her office. They had several different prizes and raffles. To name a few a chance to see Wonderland, a trip to Caymans and Wicked VIP Tickets. Well wanna take a guess who won the Wicked tickets. You guessed it. So this win entitled us to VIP parking, great seats and a brief tour and history of the Theater itself. AMAZING!

So jump forward to the present and here we are Friday night all dressed and ready to go. We drove out to the Theater and hit valet parking and our tour guide took us into the theater.

I didn’t know that they had 5 individual theaters in the Straz Jr Center. I’ve only seen Le Mis, and the Rocky Horror Show at the theater so I’ve only been in 2 of the 5. I also didn’t realize they had a conservatory where they teach dance classes (from hip hop to Flamenco) for the masses. As well as sound, costume, music and stage design classes. These classes aren’t just for the young but the young at heart as well. Passing by one of the classes we saw Flamenco being taught to and all age class ( well all age from young adult to older adult). We also learned that they have this awesome system that monitors the level of crowd noise and slowly raises the background music (usually a montage of current shows playing or coming) so that the crowd can still discern it but it isn’t overwhelming. It also has a limiter so that it never goes over a certain decibel and intern doesn’t blow the system. Now that was cool.

Okay so on to the show.
Having seen Cats, Le Mis and the Lion King I have now placed Wicked at the top of my short but prestigious list. My hats off to all the performers. Their range and ability was amazing. The Young lady playing the Wicked Witch of the West (Elphaba) was just wonderful. My fiancé and I both agree that in the beginning you feel like the young lady playing the Good Witch (Glinda) had the better voice and range but then somewhere in the middle of the performance you realize that the Elphabat has just as amazing a voice and range as her counter part. One wonders if thats how its written. As the story embarks the Elphaba, is a less sure woman compared to Glinda’s out going and very self centered personality. If that is how it’s written, then Elphaba played her part well. As she comes into her own, her voice gets stronger and more amazing.

A pleasant surprise for any Wicked tampa performance goer is the appearance of the all mighty wizard of Oz. Why you ask? Because its played by none other than Richard Kline best know for playing Larry Dallas; Jack Tripper’s friend in 3’s Company.

With my well dressed and beautiful fiancé by my side we sat for a long (but well worth it) first half and when intermission happened we couldn’t wait to return and we didn’t stop talking about how amazing it was so far.

Again for those who haven’t seen Wicked what are you waiting for. Hats off to all the performers that night they took a great story gave it a twist and a turn and made it an awesome performance.

On a side note a very funny thing happened in this performance which I doubt was planned and I doubt will every happen again. Elphaba and Glinda are in the bed room set discussing something and at some point Glinda throws her magic wand away. Now in any other performance I’m sure its suppose to fly off stage and that is that. Well she does it so perfectly it hits a metal post that is part of the set and just before the edge of the stage. The wand hits the post and ricochets back into the back of Glinda’s head. Without a miss step both Elphaba and Glinda make light of the situation but just for a small fraction of time Elphaba can’t hold in the laugh of what just happened. It was a great rare moment and just added to the scene.

What a WICKED Time at Wicked!

Thank you my love for a wonderful night out

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