T-Shirt Design

Making Tee that people love

I started making and selling Tee years ago. My first seller was a reggae tee sold in my red bubble store. Since then I’ve created several shirts for personal and professional use. 

'Shoulding' Yourself to Death

All profits made will be donated to Buma Sehat Birthing Center to support all their work. Buy one now.

On my recent trip to Bali two thoughts came together to plant the seed for this shirt.

My family and I visited the the Bumi Sehat Birthing Center. Listening to Ibu Robin Lim talk about the work the center has provided to the community at large made me consider how I could give to this organization and help.

Earlier in the trip I sat in on a group session with some great people and the comment by one of the group leaders was “Don’t Should All Over Yourself”.

The idea behind the statement is basically are you “shoulding” yourself to death? All day, every day, are you telling yourself what you “should” do? You should be better! Are we losing our ability to distinguish what we really “want.”

I really WANTED to make this shirt, but where would the profits go? And then the ideas blended. If I could sell this shirt I can take whatever profits and donate to Bumi Sehat and Ibu Robin. To learn more about Bumi Sehat and Ibu Robin check out the birthing center here